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These workouts use your own bodyweight and don't require any training tools beyond an always accessible wall, chair, towel, or step. Don’t worry, you’ll still sweat.

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This category provides total body metabolic workouts that will have you burning belly fat and toning and tightening in 30 minutes or less from start to finish. All routines include a built-in warm-up with progressive intensity options throughout. These workouts are built for the modern, mobile consumer for unprecedented anytime, anywhere fitness access requiring only an open 3 × 5 foot space and a bit of courage! All exercises are bodyweight-only and use the floor, a wall, towel and/or a stable chair, step, bench, couch, bed or table to get the job done. These routines were built to best accommodate home users training in their living room or basement and travel users training in a hotel room. Plus you can do these workouts indoors or outdoors!

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