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What is Men’s Health StreamFIT?

Men’s Health, the largest men’s magazine brand in the world, has teamed up with StreamFIT, a premier streaming workout provider, to bring you hundreds of workouts to get stronger, leaner, and healthier, starting today! No waiting two weeks for a DVD to arrive via bulk mail. Sign up and you can be working out within minutes! In addition to StreamFIT’s legacy library, you can access Men’s Health’s best-selling SpeedShred and 10 Minute Torcher workout programs. And each month, we’ll be adding more workouts. Getting bored with your workout has never been so hard!

The Method

Women's Health— now known as metabolic resistance training — focused entirely on getting the best results in the least amount of time. And over time, BJ found that this approach was highly effective in a group setting. He could train dozens of people at once — as long as he kept the equipment simple and could teach his clients how to quickly and easily adjust each exercise so that it fit their individual ability. Along the way, he also found that his clients enjoyed short, fast-paced routines that offered variety. It was the panacea of fitness: Workouts that people actually liked— and that fit their busy lifestyles— but that also produced faster fat loss and greater boostsin cardiovascular fitness than what the average personal trainer was recommending. BJ then took it to the next level by designing the hottest new workouts for leading fitness media brands, like Men's Health and Women's Health to name a few, that impact millions of eager fitness junkies just like you.

Deltafit Speed Shred

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However, BJ's big break came in April 2012 when we was selected to be the face of what would become Men's Health's best-selling follow-along workout DVD series, DeltaFit 82-Day Speed Shred. He created this cutting-edge fitness system that melts fat, torches calories, and sculpts every single muscle in your body and now people all over the world are "shredding" and getting fitter faster than they ever thought possible!

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StreamFIT Features

BJ took the concept of fast, fun workouts that could be done at home (or in a hotel room when traveling), and then applied the type of thinking that's made companies like Apple and Netflix hugely popular with its customers. Plus, he made it so that folks of ANY fitness level could benefit. Whether you're a complete beginner or a longtime fitness enthusiast who loves "extreme" workouts, StreamFIT has a solution for you. Lots of them, in fact. With a click of a button, StreamFIT workouts instantly appear on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone—even on your big-screen TV. But that's just the beginning. Here are some of the highlights:

  • StreamFIT workouts are SIMPLE! You can choose your goal, target area, and type of equipment you have available, and easily search the StreamFIT database of more than 300 workouts for the one that you'd like to try. Hit the play button, and you're ready to sweat!
  • StreamFIT workouts are AWESOME! If you haven't heard of "metabolic resistance training," don't worry. Just think of it as your resistance training and cardio workout all rolled into one. You'll use the resistance training —done with just your body-weight or a pair of dumbbells, or any number of other easily accessible equipment options that StreamFIT recommends — to target every muscle in your body. But you'll do it at a pace that also gives you an incredible cardiovascular workout. This approach torches as many calories per minute as running at a 6-minute per mile pace on the treadmill, according to research from the University of Southern Maine. Plus, studies show that it revs up your metabolism for another 48 hours after you're done working out!
  • StreamFIT workouts are NEVER boring! Right now, there are more than 300 workouts on StreamFIT — and that number is growing every single month. You'll not only find workouts from BJ, but also from a number of world-class fitness experts that BJ handpicked himself. From total-body transformation plans such as the Body-Weight Bootcamp (no equipment needed!) and Metabolic Mayhem (just a pair of dumbbells!) to specialty workouts like the Pregnancy Workout, Kettlebell Kaos, and Fit-Over 40, you simply won't find more incredible workouts — or a more convenient way to get in shape — ANYWHERE!
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BJ Gaddour's Story

Back in 2001, StreamFIT CEO BJ Gaddour was a junior in high school who was trapped inside an overweight body. BJ's weight problem peaked when he went on a cruise with his family during Christmas break. The picture you see below is the photo he and his family took prior to boarding the cruise ship. At the time, BJ weighed over 275 pounds and wore a size 44 pants and a XXXL shirt. As if that wasn't enough, he was also suffering debilitating knee pain that made him feel like a 17-year old going on 77. Basically, BJ hit rock bottom and was hurting on just about every level- mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Heavyset BJWe all have moments that inspire change and for BJ seeing this picture upon returning home from the cruise was the slap in the face he needed to make a change - to take control of his body and get in great shape. BJ overhauled his diet and started working out like a mad man and got to fighting weight in just over three months time and vowed to never go back to his former pudgy and sloppy state. As BJ puts it, "There was a better person trapped inside me, just waiting to come out. It took me seeing that brutal picture to inspire the dramatic fitness transformation that allowed me to release that prisoner within and change my life forever."

Fast forward a few years to 2005 at Amherst College, when BJ first created a workout plan for one of his college buddies. BJ's friend achieved great results from the workouts just like he did. Then a friend of his friend wanted a workout, too. Soon, BJ had his own personal training business and he was designing training programs for both fellow classmates and college professors. But the more BJ studied fitness and learned from the best experts in the industry, he discovered that there was an even more effective way to achieve the kind of results that his clients wanted. The kind of results that EVERYONE wants.